The meeting on the 19th of April 2018 was dedicated to Roman family and inheritance law. Asst. prof. Stoyan Ivanov gave a brief introduction of the most important institutes of Roman family law, namely the marriage (matrimonium), the paternal power (patria potestas) and the relevance of the fact that the pater familias was the only person, who had the right to conduct deals with the family's estate and property. An impressive report on Lex Iulia de adulteris was made by first-year student Georgi Bozhidarov. Boris Nikolov entered a very peculiar and interesting matter by talking about the concept of surrogacy in Ancient Rome. Asst. prof. Ventsislav Petrov, PhD analyzed the modern-day reception of Roman legal institutes in the field of inheritance law, thus reminding the audience that Roman law is indeed the fundament of contemporary civil law. Asst. prof. judge Methody Todorov discussed Gaius Julius Caesar's last will and testament from a legal perspective. At the end of the gathering fourth-year student Ventsislav Zlatanov made a report on the querela inofficiosi testamenti as a way to restrict testamentary freedom.