The topic of the meeting on the 4th of April 2019 was the military law in Ancient Rome. Once again, asst. prof. Stoyan Ivanov gave a brief introduction on the matter. Fourth-year student Nikolay Nedyalkov presented the topic of the personal legal status in the Roman army. Afterwards Vladimir Popov – the chairman of the „Mos maiorum Ulpiae Serdicae" club for Antiquity restorations and performances – presented two members of the club, who were clad and armed in full Roman legionary armor and thoroughly described their equipment to the impressed audience. Asst. prof. Tihomir Rachev, Ph.D. made a report, concerning the punishments inflicted in the Roman army, thereby putting an accent on the „imperium militae" – the practically unlimited discretionary power, exercised by army generals towards their subordinates. The gathering was closed with the presentation of Goergi Bozhidarov, who talked about the ancient and the contemporary meaning of the „bellum iustum" concept.