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Scientific Conference in memory of Assist. Prof. Theodor Piperkov


On 17 of December 2018 at the New Conference Hall at Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski" was held a conference in memory of Assistant Professor Theodor Piperkov. This day was an anniversary from the tragic death of the famous Roman law professor. At the conference participated his colleagues, friends, students and disciples. Prof. DSc Malina Novkirishka-Stoyanova shared with the audience memories of their long cooperative teaching and scientific activity. Her example was followed by all participants at the event who shared their brightest memories with Assistant Prof. Theodor Piperkov before they present their papers. Most of the works were dedicated to the Roman legal tradition in the field of the modern private law. The discussion which followed in connection with the presented at the papers problems proved that the academic spirit which Theodor Piperkov managed to create during his active years in the students is still alive, it is passed to the new generations and it is developed with the help of his colleagues and friends. All papers from the conference are edited and published in special issue of the electronic journal IUS ROMANUM which is available at address:








Scientific colloquium with international participation on "Roman and contemporary commercial law" in the memory of Assoc. prof. Rumen Cholov, PhD



On 10 March 2016 the project team - creator of IUS ROMANUM journal and the editorial staff of the journal, with the support of the Department of Theory and History of the State and Law and the Department of Civil Law at the Law Faculty of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and CIELA Publishing House, organized a scientific colloquium with international participation on "Roman and contemporary commercial law". The colloquium was in the memory of Assoc. prof. Rumen Cholov, Phd who was teaching Roman law at Sofia University for many years. In 2014, 65 years have passed since his birth, and in 2005 he left us forever, leaving an unfinished idea of ​​teaching and developing of Roman law related to contemporary interests and requirements. At the end of the 1990s Prof. Cholov first placed in the academic circles and in the public space the theme of the continuity of the Roman Institute in modern commercial and banking law - years before in Bulgaria to create the new legal framework of these relations . His lectures on the programs of the Bulgarian National Radio attracted great interest in this issue. At the conference were presented the main concepts  on the question of the existence of Roman commercial law and its relation to the Banking Law of Ancient Rome, its influence on various contemporary commercial law institutes, the procedural protection of traders, etc.


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Честване в памет на гл. ас. Теодор Пиперков

На 11 декември 2014 г.  в Конферентната зала на Ректората на СУ "Св. Климент Охридски"  Юридическият факултет на Софийския университет "Св. Климент Охридски" и Университетското издателство "Св. Климент Охридски" организираха честване в памет на

гл. ас. Теодор Пиперков

(6 юли 1958 – 17 декември 2013)

На честването беше представена книгата „THEO NOSTER. Сборник в памет на гл.ас. Теодор Пиперков“ в  памет на незабравимия колега, преподавател и приятел, наричан от всички НАШИЯТ ТЕО.

Конферентната зала не можеше да побеле всички колеги, бивши и настоящи студенти, приятели и близки на Тео. След презентацията  със снимки и спомени за Тео, направена от колегата му проф. Малина Новкиришка, с която съвместно работиха повече от 25 години, най- искрени слова за него казаха близкият му приятел доц. Кристиан Таков, проф. Мария Костова, проф. Димитър Веселинов. Доц. Павел Сарафов беше съхренил запис с гласа на Тео, който прозвуча отново в залата, бодър и ентусиазиран, с много хумор и невероятни коментари.

Съпругата на Теодор Пиперков Антония подари на факултета стихосбирката с негови стихове, издадени in memoriam .