International scientific conference

"The universality of Roman law"



Program of work of international scientific conference

"The universality of Roman law"



Day 1:


16-17h - Conference Registration of participants at the Faculty of Law;

17 - 17:30h - Photographing;

18h – Opening of the Conference (Welcoming speeches);

19h - Cocktail.


Day 2:


10-11h - Plenary session;                

11-13h - Work on sessions (public law and private law);

13-13:30h - Coffee break;

13:30-15:30h - Continuation of work;        

15:30-16h - Coffee break;

16-17h - Continuation of work;

19h - Reception with the Mayor of the city of Nis;

20: 30h - Gala dinner.


Day 3:


9h - Tour of Constantine's luxurious residence (MEDIANA);

10:30h – Tour of archaeological site FELIX ROMULIANA;

16h - Lunch in the Roman basement "Status" near Nis with presentation of wine making in the way the ancient Romans were making wine;

19h - Returning to the hotel.