Dr. Ido Israelowich


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Senior Lecturer

Department of Classics

Tel Aviv University

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Co-Editor: Scripta Classica Israelica

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Ancient medicine, Roman Law



Israelowich, I. (2015): Patients and Healers in the Roman Empire (Johns Hopkins University Press).

Israelowich, I. (2012): Society, Medicine and Religion in the Sacred Tales of Aelius Aristides (Brill).


Ido Israelowich (2014): 'Physicians as figures of authority in the Roman courts', Historia 63: 445-62.

Ido Israelowich (2014): 'The Authority of Physicians as Dream Interpreters in the Pergamene Asclepieion', in: D. Michaelides (Ed.):Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean World, (Oxbow), 285-90.

Ido Israelowich (2014) ‘Identifications of Physicians during the High Empire', in: Depauw, M., and Coussement, S., (Eds): Identifiers and Identification Methods in the Ancient World (Leuven: Peeters), 233-52.

Ido Israelowich (2008): ‘The Rain Miracle of Marcus Aurelius: (Re)-creation of consensus'. Greece and Rome 55: 83-102.

Ido Israelowich (2007): ‘The world of Aelius Aristides' SCI 26: 91-110.


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