The first issue of the new journal IUS ROMANUM is dedicated to the 2000-th anniversary from the death of the first Roman emperor Octavian August. He is considered the father of the Roman Empire in spite of the fact that during his rule the institutions of the republican period were still alive. The age of August is known as PAX ROMANA, and marks the beginning of a long period of peace which favored both the economic development and the consolidation of the political dominance of Rome I the Mediterranean area. This is also a period of important legal reforms, establishment of the principles of administration in the provinces and setting up of the structure of the centralized administration, management and jurisdiction in the empire.


     August is an especially suitable topic for the start of a new initiative for popularization of the Roman legal culture and tradition and the related first Romanist journal in Bulgaria. The topic was chosen taking into consideration the ideas of the students who study Roman law at the Sofia University, and of many colleagues who, in the last couple of years, have shown their interest in the studies on Ancient Rome.


     Contributors with articles in the journal are all lecturers from the Sofia University who teach Roman law and Latin legal terminology, as well as students who have joined the Roman Law Circle. A considerable part of the articles on August have been written also by professors in Roman law in Italy, Spain, Russia, Macedonia, Brazil and the USA. The preparation of the first issue was enhanced also by the initiative of the chairman of the International Research Committee of the journal Academician Prof. Antonio Fernández de Buján y Fernández who was the first to send his article for publication, thus stimulating the support of a considerable part of the Romanist scholars who are members of the International Research Committee.