On the 30th of May 2019 a competition in rhetoric, organized by the Circle of Roman law, took place for the first time. The competition's title was „The Right to Life", or, in Latin, „IVS VITAE. DISPVTATIO PRIMA". The idea was to provoke a discussion about currently important legal, social and political issues, connected to the right to life, whose roots are to be found in Ancient Rome. The first part of the competition took place in the form of an essay and the total number of participants was eight, each of them a first-year student in the Faculty of law. Those participants were, as follows: Anna Maneva, group 4, title of the essay: „The right to life"; Angel Mitkov, group 10, title of the essay: „The Notorious failure in the government of Bulgarian cities"; Aleksandrina Yantcheva, group 8, title of the essay: „The right to quality of life"; Ekhaterina Pavlova, group 5, title of the essay: „The right to death – is legalization of euthanasia possible in Bulgaria?"; Liliya Georgieva, group 6, title of the essay: „Gender equality"; Petar Aleksandrov, group 13, title of the essay: „Is it necessary to give legal capacity to the unborn?"; Aleksander Stoevski, IR student, title of the essay: „Ius and American somnium"; Petya Petrova, group 8, title of the essay: „The systems of legal regulation of civil life". After much debate, the first three places were given to Aleksandrina Yantcheva, Ekhaterina Pavlova and Aleksander Stoevski, respectively.

The second part of the competition included the art of rhetoric in its purest form, as it consisted of presenting and defending a point of view, connected to the topic „The right to life", through a speech in front of a jury. The members of the jury were, as follows:

prof. Malina Novkirishka-Stoyanova, DSc – a lecturer of Roman law and chairman of the Balkan Association of Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition;

prof. Vanessa Ponte, PhD – lecturer in Roman law in the University of Cordoba (Spain) and honorary member of the Balkan Association of Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition;

Assoc. prof. Gerasim Petrinski, PhD – chairman of the „Rhetoric" department at the Faculty of Philosophy;

Mrs Daniela Dokovska – a distinguished Bulgarian lawyer, who has worked on some of the most important criminal cases in the country; also a lecturer in Criminal procedure law and director of the Scientific department at the Supreme Lawyer's Council;

Mrs Theodora Venedikova.

The participants in this part of the competition were first-year Law students Kalin Tsvyatkov (topic of the speech – „The right to resistance against the government"), Svetlin Ivanchenko (topic of the speech – „Euthanasia – the right to a dignified death or а way to give up on life?"), Stefan Karaleev (topic of the speech – „Should healthcare be a basic human right?") and Tsvetelina Lazarova (topic of the speech – „Abortions – pro et contra").

The performances of all participants were on a very high level and thus it took the jury a long time to reach a decision. Ultimately, the winner's award was given to Svetlin Ivanchenko, as it was decided that his argumentation was the most thorough one and his topic was the one that was closest to the general idea of the competition.